IMG_0106My 2nd grade groups have been doing a lot of writing.  (A side note: I also get to go in at the end of the day and help 2nd grade within the classroom on their writing during their writing block.  This has opened my eyes to a lot more of their needs in writing since I get to spend 60 minutes a day with them.)

One thing I’ve noticed in the writing is there is still a lot of missing punctuation marks and many inappropriate capitals sprinkled throughout words.

Last week I did mini-lessons on capitalization and punctuation.  I read Punctuation Takes a Vacation and The Case of the Incapacitated Capitals both by Robin Pulver and Punctuation Celebration by Elsa Knight Bruno to go over some writing rules.

I then wrote a story with lots of writing boo-boo’s and had the students come in and correct them.  It’s funny how quickly they find MY mistakes, but when I ask them to go back in their writing they act like they wouldn’t ever have a possible mistake! 🙂 Hmmm…I wonder why that is?

After they corrected my story, they then went back into their writing journal and had to pick one writing piece they would go back over and look for punctuation and inappropriate capitals.  We will continue to work on being more precise in our writing!