IMG_0111I have been trying to have my 3rd graders work on reading more carefully and thoroughly.  We recently read A Dragon’s Lullaby where a dragon named Dario doesn’t feel appreciated by the town he sings a lullaby to each night.  I had a great graphic organizer that went ovIMG_0113er different character traits and the kids had to decide if that was a strength or weakness for the character and then explain their rationale.  I was impressed by how they really dug back into the book for evidence when they weren’t really sure.  They had to analyze the main character like they hadn’t had to before.  At the very end of the graphic organizer it asked them to come up with their own and they had a fun time picking out one and then asking their group mates to answer if it was a strength or weakness.

We’ve really been working on digging into that text more and looking for more literal comprehension than deep since they have been struggling with some of the surface features such as important characters, main ideas, and problem/solution.