IMG_8729Recently our other group of 3rd graders has been working on dinosaurs.  I read Dinosaurs by Kathy Weidner Zoehfeld and gave some dinosaur background on the different groupings of dinosaurs.  The 3rd graders were then responsible for reading Dinosaurs by Elizabeth Austin.

We learned about 4 different types of dinosaurs;

  • Theropods
  • Sauropods
  • Certopsians
  • Pterosaurs

After reading in depth about the different types of dinosaurs, the students had to make a brochure writing and drawing about the 4 different dinosaur sub-groups.

Once we were finished we moved on to astronauts and space.  I read Solar System by Gregory Vogt and Planets by Elizabeth Carney.  We learned some background information about the planets and spent more time reading and learning about our moon and astronauts.

Students then were able to read All About Astronauts and learn about how people get through space camp/school and life as an astronaut.  They were then to write about how life is different on earth vs. space.