img_0238We are learning a lot about the way words work in Kindergarten.  Just like the big 1st-graders, we have also been labeling pictures.  We each get to draw the line of what we want to label and Ms. Acuff shows us how to write the words by stretching and articulating the sounds in the word for us.  We help say the sounds and letters we know.

img_0237We aren’t writing sentences by ourselves yet, but we write them together!  Ms. Acuff starts the sentence for us and we finish the sentence by writing something we see in our picture we labeled.  We work as a whole group to stretch out the word and write the sounds we hear.  We might not get ALL the letters in the word yet, but that’s OK!  Our goal is to hear MULTIPLE sounds in a word.

img_0239We think we’re doing a pretty good job because WE ARE!  We even learned a period goes at the end of a SENTENCE not every single word.  This has been a challenging new skill, but we’re catching on.  We also are working on letter formation and making sure our letters go the correct way.  There sure is a lot to learn in Kindergarten!

We get to practice our one-to-one word matching by using Ms. Acuff’s big pointer.  She reads the sentences and we have to point along with her making sure we touch each word as she reads.  When she gets to the end of the line we have to go back to the next line and keep up with her.  She makes us practice this a lot!  She says this is getting us ready to read books.