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Merry Christmas from the Title Team!

img_0366Merry Christmas from the Title 1 Team at Lowell Elementary in Waterloo, Iowa!  We are Mrs. PK’s Snowmen and she is our Winter Wonderland Princess here for our Winter Festivities!

1st Grade Sequencing

img_03541st graders have been working on retelling a story in order with many details along with characters, setting, problem, and solution.  The 1st graders have struggled with mastering putting the story back in order using MANY details.  Often we get the beginning and end and a detail or two about the middle, but not necessarily in the correct order.  We’ve been spending a lot of time on making sure we can retell the story using all the important details.  I took some of their stories, typed them up in order, cut them apart, and had students put them back in order.  They were able to use their book to help them or use their book at the end to check if they were correct.  This has helped students remember there are many important parts to a story, not just the beginning and the end, and how order matters!