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Smell the Smelly Markers

If a Kindergarten student wants you to smell the smelly marker just smell it before he makes you smell it and leaves a nice little mark on your nose!img_0386

Welcome Ms. Young

Ms. Acuff’s Title 1 Classroom is getting a student teacher for the next 8 weeks and we are REALLY EXCITED!  Please help me welcome Leslee Young from the University of Northern Iowa.  Leslee comes to us with a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education and a Literacy Minor. img_0385

Merry Christmas from the Title Team!

img_0366Merry Christmas from the Title 1 Team at Lowell Elementary in Waterloo, Iowa!  We are Mrs. PK’s Snowmen and she is our Winter Wonderland Princess here for our Winter Festivities!

Dr. Seuss Day

IMG_9747How did you Dr. Seuss it up?  Last Wednesday we celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday at Lowell by having teachers dress as characters from Dr. Seuss books.  I may be a little biased, but I think the Title team and their student teachers were the best in the building as The Lorax and the lovable Truffula trees he was trying to save.


IMG_9582Thank you to the University of Northern Iowa College of Education for inviting me back again this year for your four session of UNI Up-Close.  I am always so honored to be able to speak to young students wanting to get into the education program.  There isn’t a better program out there than UNI!  Go Panthers!

Meet Ms. Wilson

IMG_8674Hello, everyone!  I didn’t forget about you!  It’s just been a very busy last couple of months–and unfortunately, a lot of it has been testing.  We just got back in the swing of things about 3 weeks ago and 2 weeks ago I got a new student teacher.

Please meet Ms. Elizabeth Wilson, a Elementary Education major from the University of Northern Iowa and a Cedar Falls native.

She started with us last Monday, the 11th and will be working with the kiddos through March 3rd!

She’s been getting her feet wet with a wide range of activities and teaching lots of lessons.  The kids love her and it’s been fun to watch her grow in her teaching already.  She comes with a lot of enthusiasm for teaching and kids.

Thanks, UNI COE!

IMG_6729A big thank you to the University of Northern Iowa’s College of Education for giving me a shout-out on Facebook!  I’m continually honored that people come to my blog for reading and writing strategies!

2 Points For…

IMG_0384As you saw earlier this year, I posted my new “theme” for the school year: HARRY POTTER! (Reading is “wand”erfully magical)  With that I decided to change all of my super hero stuff over to Harry Potter things.  I re-did my wall strategies and also made new book marks.  Feel free to comment below or send me an email if you want the updated Harry Potter strategies for yourself.

IMG_0385I also divided my 4 groups into Harry Potter Houses: Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Gryffindor.  Each house had to come up with their own set of house rules they thought they wanted to operate by and they each have a secret house passcode for when they think they need to be better about the house rules.

We’re now in full swing with groups.  I feel like the extra 2 weeks of summer really delayed everything.  I haven’t felt like we’ve REALLY been in school, but here we are close to the end of October.  I’ll try to be better about posting this school year, but I get so busy that it makes it hard.  I’ve enjoyed hearing from so many of you already this school year.  I hope you’re off to a great start.

Have A “Wand”erfully Magical Year!

2015 Door

Wow!  Here we go again.  We’re off and embarking on another school year.  I am so excited to be back at Lowell for my 7th year.  I am looking forward to all the new and familiar students I’ll get to work with this year.  It should be so exciting.

I really took the summer off to spend time with my son, dog, family in Iowa and family in Alaska…and it was MAGICAL!  I am feeling recharged and ready for another school year.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE hearing from you.  Thank you for all your emails, comments, replies on my blog this summer.  I did read them, but I didn’t take my work computer home so I didn’t have access to any of the files that you all asked for.  I will be going back through my emails and making sure you all get what you requested from me.  Please don’t be shy.  I love hearing from you throughout the school year.  I have made so many connections with you guys as we all go through this teaching journey together.

So from Penthouse B (my room) to yours, I hope you have a “wand”erfully magical year!

Lowell Student Council Shirts

How adorable are our new school shirts designed by our student council?  Love seeing all the kiddos wearing them along with the staff on Fridays!  My kiddos get super excited when we match!