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Hello, Lowell STARS!  Welcome back.  Having a week off was a huge blessing, but I missed my kids like crazy!  It’s always good to get back in the swing of things.

There is NO Cougar Club on Thursday as it is the day before a holiday (Good Friday) and with that, there is no school on Friday.  Enjoy the additional time with your family!  I hope it starts to warm up.

Just a reminder that there will be NO Cougar Club this Tuesday, March 5th and Thursday, March 7th as Lowell is having Parent-Teacher Conferences.  Please enjoy the extra time with your family and all of us at Lowell can’t wait to visit with you regarding your child’s progress!

Also, the Lowell STARS bookstore will be CLOSED during conferences, but we will be having a Book Fair in the atrium where you can purchase books for your child.

As a reminder, conferences on Tuesday are from 4-8 PM and Thursday from 12-8 PM.

Cougar Club

IMG_0110Just a reminder that this week is our final week of Cougar Club for the semester.  What a fantastic semester we have had!

I need to thank the WONDERFUL Cougar Club team (Deb on the left and Julie on the right) who make the Cougar Club run successfully.  Deb orders all the snacks and gets them set up every Tuesday and Thursday so I just have to walk down and take attendance.  She also does all the clean up from snack to get the commons area looking perfect for the next day.  Julie makes sure the buses are organized, makes all the attendance forms, and helps deal with all the ins and outs and makes sure my data is correct (plus probably lots of things I don’t even know either of them do).  I literally could not do Cougar Club without them.  So if you see these ladies make sure to give them a huge thank you for making my job so much easier!

I also need to thank:

  • The 15 teachers who taught Cougar Club throughout the last semester and have been patiently working with me.
  • Our 2 bus drivers who have diligently taken our kids home.
  • All the parents who have worked cooperatively to make sure their kids attend Cougar Club.
  • Our 75+ kids who have attended Cougar Club over the last 12 weeks.

Most of our kids have stayed the entire 12 weeks. Which means they have had 24 hours or 1,440 additional minutes of learning this last semester.  Wow!  Thank you to everyone who has invested in these 1,440 minutes in some way.

We will look forward to another awesome semester of Cougar Club when we get back from Christmas break!


No Cougar Club Next Week

 This is just a reminder that there will be NO Cougar Club after school tutoring next Tuesday, October 16th and Thursday, October 18th due to parent-teacher conferences.

Enjoy the extra time with your family!

Cougar Club will resume on Tuesday, October 23rd!  Be ready to get your learn on!