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4th grade is working on timelines in their classrooms.  I found A to Z’s book Mount Rushmore and thought it would be a perfect book to use especially since it had a timeline in the book.

I broke the book up into three sections, as it’s a meaty book with a lot of IMG_0121tricky vocabulary.    The kids were asked as they read to do a few things: highlight important parts, highlight unknown words, and take notes of anything they wanted to talk about in the margin.  (This is the beauty of the A to Z books–the kids can write, highlight, mark up the books as they want and then take them home.)

As they read they were to find an event they thought was important and then write why that was important.  This was a little difficult for them as they either thought almost everything was important or nothing was important–both are incorrect.  This gave us a good opportunity to talk through all the things they found important (and bring up things they didn’t think was important) and then together we were able to decide was REALLY need to be on the graphic organizer.

IMG_0119When they were finished reading the book and filling out their event graphic organizer, it paved the groundwork for filling out a timeline.  The timeline they gave us in the book contained a lot of information, but all of it wasn’t completely pertinent to our focus.

Together we went back through the highlighted areas in our book and our first graphic organizer to figure out which were the important dates for the timeline.  This provided us with an opportunity to go over how we would need to go through our timeline in order.  They wanted to just throw dates they remembered, but we had to make sure our timeline was in order.

I’m so proud of the 4th graders.  This Mount Rushmore session of learning took us nearly 2 weeks and they did a lot of great learning and thinking.  They came up with some really great questions that had us looking back in our books and also doing internet research to find the information we wanted to know.

Also, we learned Gutzon Borglum is a hard name to say. 😉

IMG_4213Oh my!  It feels so good to be back.  I’ve missed all of you wonderful readers, parents, and my students!!  You know I like to have a “theme” for each year and this year is all about bringing out the SUPER hero reader in each of you!  So DROP on in to Ms. Acuff’s room and read a SUPER book!

Also, don’t forget to visit us at Lowell tonight for our Back To School night from 4:30-6.  You can meet your teacher and drop off your school supplies.  We can’t wait to see you!

Fall Festival

IMG_8310Thanks to everyone who came to Lowell’s Fall Festival on Tuesday night.  We had over 100 people visit us in the library to write a limerick on the child’s name.  The limericks were absolutely adorable.  We have hung the limericks up outside of the office so when you’re in the building please check them out.  We look forward to seeing families again at conferences on Tuesday, October 22nd and Thursday, October 24th.

What: Lowell’s Cinco de Mayo Family Night

Where: Start off in the gym to hear our students perform several vocal pieces and then you’ll have the opportunity to travel through different centers: family photos, sombrero walk, craft making, and then head to the cafeteria for a delicious dinner!!  Last year I think we had home made tamales!  You don’t want to miss out on that.

When: Tuesday, May 7th at 6pm

Who: All Lowell families!

It should be a wonderful evening with your family.  We hope to see all of our wonderful families here!

We are excited to be welcoming in a whole new group of kiddos next year!  We’ll be having Kindergarten Round Up at Lowell on Friday, April 26th.  Bring your child, immunization documents,proof of age, and proof of residency!  Additional information can be found on our district webpage (www.waterloo.k12.ia.us)

Here are some things we would love for you to do with your child from now until the start of school to prepare him/her for Kindergarten!

  • Write name with first letter capital and the rest lowercase. (Bonus if child can do last name as well!)
  • Name shapes
  • Count from 1 to 10
  • Know at least 15 letters (but we’d love if your child knew them all!)
  • Tie shoes
  • Zip zippers
  • Button buttons
  • Name colors
  • Read daily!!!  You can even visit Lowell’s library in the summer

We can’t wait to meet your child and for you to meet our wonderful Kindergarten team and the staff here at Lowell!

Hello, Lowell STARS!  Welcome back.  Having a week off was a huge blessing, but I missed my kids like crazy!  It’s always good to get back in the swing of things.

There is NO Cougar Club on Thursday as it is the day before a holiday (Good Friday) and with that, there is no school on Friday.  Enjoy the additional time with your family!  I hope it starts to warm up.

What: Lowell Chuck E. Cheese fundraiser night.

Where: Chuck E. Cheese in Cedar Falls (5911 University Ave–right by Texas Road House)

When: Tuesday, November 6th from 3:30-9.  Come whenever and stay as long as you want.

Why: To raise money for Lowell elementary.  A portion of your purchase that night goes to Lowell.  (Just don’t forget to mention you are there for Lowell elementary!)

*Teachers: Bring your ID badge and you’ll get a FREE soda AND salad bar OR personal pizza.

*Kids: You’ll be getting a sticker from your teacher worth 10 FREE tokens.

*Parents: You can download extra certificates off Chuck E. Cheese’s website for additional free tokens and tickets.  Make sure you check that out so you don’t have to spend as much money on tokens!

I will be there rip roarin’ ready for an awesome time with my Lowell Cougars!  I hope to see you there, too!