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Nerf Sight Words

IMG_3082I’ve been trying to get a little more creative in ways I can get students applying sight words they need to know along with movement and fun.  I saw on a teacher webpage advertisement the idea to use Nerf to sling darts at sight words.  This has been a HUGE hit.  The kids have been begging to play.  I call out a sight word they are still a little shaky on and they have to use the laser pointer to aim at the sight word and then try and get it.  Only a few darts have bounced off and hit Ms. Acuff! 🙂


img_0371I came across this awesome ipad app called Whack-A-Word and thought it was the cutest thing ever.  I don’t have ipad for all of my kiddos so I tweaked what I saw on the app and created my own using sheets for ABCs, blends and digraphs, and Jolly Phonics.  (If you want any of my materials, let me know!)  My teammate also found some stuff on Teachers Pay Teachers, but we created our own to match with what we wanted.

I took a pool noodle and cut them into about 2 inch wide slices and inserted jumbo craft sticks into a slit I made with scissors.  img_0372

The kids LOVED THIS!!! “Ms. Acuff, why haven’t we played this before?  This game is AWESOME!”  The way it works is you tell them something to find and they have to locate it and “whack the word” or in this case–the sound.  “Whack the sound that says ch-ch-ch.”  This has been a great way to reinforce letter identification and word parts for the Kindergarten kiddos who have needed some extra practice without it being so “skill and drill” with them.img_0373

IMG_0089My 3rd graders are working on inferences within the classroom.  I like to try and tap into what the classroom teacher is doing as well to give additional support.  I noticed my kids were lacking in thinking deeper and using that powerful brain of their to make more meaningful connections and inferences.

I found an Inference Riddle Game site online and it looked like something I could do as a quick little warm up with my kids to get them going.  I did end up typing up the riddles on my own and then getting them laminated and put on a ring.  So if you are wanting to use this you’ll either need to type up your own or let me know and I’ll shoot you a copy.  Let me tell you, today may have been the most fun I had in group with this little game.  We were only going to do one, but we ended up having so much fun that we did two.

IMG_0081I started by asking them what it mean to infer or to make an inference.  No one could answer me.  So we did a little mini review on inferring.  I told them that I would be giving one clue at a time and with each clue they would need to think about what they already know and make a guess on what I was.  They were to write their answer on the whiteboard and hold it up.

IMG_0085They thought they had it in the bag when I gave the first clue: I hang out in schools.  They all wrote students or teacher.  They were pretty frustrated when I told them it was a good guess, but not correct.  “YES IT IS!!!!!” a lot of them shouted at me.  I continued on…I sleep with my eyes open.  I had to crack up because one of my students put me down as their answer.  LOVE IT!

I continued on…my favorite game is Name That Tuna…IMG_0087

….I have fins.

BAM!  The light bulb came on and they all got it.  A FISH!

You wouldn’t believe the grins they had once they put all the clues together and figured it out.

We had so much fun that we just HAD to do one more.  This one was more challenging for the students.  It was a penny.  The clues started as….

  • I have a head and a tail (all gave me an animal answer)
  • My favorite number is one (they all wrote 100)
  • I am made of copper (I got a lot of robot answers)
  • A president’s face is on me (They all wrote Obama…and then one wrote a robot Obama!  Had to “LOL” at that!)
  • I am lucky if you pick me up.

IMG_0086IMG_0088BAM!  It made sense to them.  We talked about how as readers we make predictions all the time when we first begin to read and as we read. Sometimes we find out that we were correct and sometimes we find out we were incorrect, but with each passing thing we read more and more is added to our schema and the light bulb comes on to make a connection.

They wanted to keep going, but we had other things to accomplish in the lesson.  Today was fun.  It’s fun to push them to be risk takers–that it’s ok to make mistakes as long as our thinking continues to bend and change as more information is presented.

Woo-hoo!  Isn’t learning fun??