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Susan Ring

IMG_5180My kiddos came to group today with a fun surprise: author Susan Ring sent us one of her books!  Susan sent us one of her books, Where Should Turtle Be?, which is a Moonbeam award winning book!  We are SO excited to read this.  We read Susan’s book Please Pass The Maple Syrup and my kiddos absolutely loved it.  Susan reached out to us after we blogged about how much we loved her story.  Thanks for sending us another story to enjoy!

Donors Choose Groupon

Well hello everyone!  It’s been a while.  It has been an interesting last couple of weeks here in Penthouse B at Lowell.  My son got the stomach flu then my student teacher got the flu and then I got the flu and then my son got sick again.  We are all healthy here again!  It was a little sketchy for a while, but we’re all back!

Another one of my teacher friends clued me in on a great GROUPON!!!  Currently they have a Groupon for Donors Choose.  It is $30 for $10 toward any project.  You can purchase up to 10 of these for yourself and up to 10 of these to give as gifts.  This is a great time to get a bunch of free money for any of your projects or a great holiday gift for any of your teacher friends.

And if you’re so inclined–our project is only $15 away from being fully funded (I bought 3 Groupons–couldn’t help myself!) and would love if you wanted to give Penthouse B an early Christmas gift! (http://www.donorschoose.org/project/breathe-life-into-our-supplies/1099491/?challengeid=310126&rf=link_dccontent_2013_11_teacherid_1951485)

To purchase the Groupon head to: https://www.groupon.com/browse/cedar-rapids-iowa-city?lat=41.9778795&lng=-91.66562320000003&address=Cedar+Rapids,+IA,+USA&query=donors%20choose&locale=en_US

IMG_8400We had another Donor’s Choose project fulfilled within the last month and our items are just not starting to finish arriving after being back ordered and then needing to be replaced.

IMG_8401Ms. Acuff’s class wants to thank…

  • Dr. Jim and Jody Mueller
  • Nicole Earle
  • The Yellow Chair Foundation

Thank you for donating money for us to have comfortable furniture to read in AND for donating money for us to have books to read in those comfortable places.

We’ve had to learn some very good skills on how to share and take turns since all of the items to use are hot commodities in my room, but we are extremely blessed and spoiled to have such a wonderfully cozy place to call ours and work to become better readers.

IMG_8402Students have been very eager to get reading since the furniture has come.  It’s much more fun to curl up with a book when you aren’t sitting in the hard, plastic, blue chairs we sit on when we first come to class.

One of my 1st graders got to open the box with the big red rocker and the box was nearly as big as he was. (Photo to left).  It was exciting to get to open up new things.  We’ve had several days which have felt like an early Christmas gift.

IMG_8404So again I want to thank everyone everyone who has donated to this project and to our other projects to help inspire literacy learning to be much more fun and comfortable.  So many opportunities have been opened up to us because of the gracious gifts we keep getting.

IMG_8391And as I close we need to say a little RIP to the yoga ball.  The yoga ball has faithfully served Ms. Acuff’s room for the last 5 years and yesterday it finally breathed its last breath.  The kids were very sad, so it’s a good thing the red rocker arrived today.  The rocker will be a nice new addition to our room in lieu of the yoga ball.

We do have a current project posted on Donors Choose for us to get some new writing supplies for small group instruction and also some new take home book bags so the kids can take books home to read and practice with their families.  Our current book bags are ripped and falling apart after over 5 years of use and being held together with duct tape.  If you want to help us with our newest project please visit our link: http://www.donorschoose.org/project/breathe-life-into-our-supplies/1099491/ (Enter code MALL20 to match up to $20 or INSPIRE to match up to $100–code INSPIRE only will work for our project until Friday, October 18th.  After that please use match code MALL20.)

IMG_8145Doesn’t that picture at the top just say it all?  These faces shout joy and excitement!  One of my goals has always been to make reading more fun and to stir up some passion for reading.  I think these Kindles are going to make it a lot easier to stir up passion for reading.

IMG_8148I have to give a very big thank you to Jim and Jody Mueller who fully funded 5 Kindles for my classroom. 

My 4th and 5th graders (and hopefully 3rd grade by the end of the year) will be using these most of the time for our group book.  This was a huge blessing and an extremely generous donation for my students.

I gave each student a box and then on the count of 3 they all got to open the boxes up together.  Some had never seen or touched a Kindle before.  I gave them about 5 minutes just to explore on the Kindle and get the feel for an eReader.

Comments like, “I’ve never seen anything so cool before,” “I can’t wait to start reading,” and “Is this really happening?” were IMG_8146happening the entire group session.  It was a very cool moment to be a part of.  Some of my kids were so excited to start reading that they did.  And so I just let them read for about 15 minutes before we needed to end the session.

This is an extremely exciting time for all the kids in Ms. Acuff’s class.  I am so appreciative and I look forward to posting more pictures of us working with the Kindles and to seeing great progress with the kids.  I have never IMG_8149seen such enthusiasm and it’s really exciting to be a part of.

So again, thank you Jim and Jody Mueller for the extremely wonderful gift of Kindles and for lighting a passion for reading in each of my kids.  You have made a huge difference in the lives of several young people.

Donors Choose & KIA

Hi there–would you be willing to donate to my project to get an ipad for my beginning and struggling readers?  KIA has agreed to pay for half of my project for an ipad for my students to accelerate reading skills. I also qualified for an additional promotion where money is matched. so essentially for every $1 someone donates, KIA and Donors Choose donate $3. Last year I was able to do a lot more with the ipad until budget and staff changes were made and the reading teachers no longer had access to an ipad.   It would help me out tremendously to donate even $1. You have to enter in coupon code ‘inspire’ at the check out to get the donation matched, which they are only offering until Thursday. 

Most of the things I post on my blog are with the help of an ipad.  I would love to be able to continue to share all of our successes with you through your generous donation.

The link to my project is: http://www.donorschoose.org/project/ilearn-with-an-ipad/1059688/?utm_source=FB&utm_medium=FBactivityfeed&utm_content=title&utm_campaign=promo_partial