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Combo Interactive Writing


This year one of my groups include a 1st/2nd grade combo and it’s fun having kids from different grade levels.  So if you see me talking about my “combo kids” you’ll know it’s my group with both grade levels in it.

IMG_5182This group is working on Interventions That Work’s Interactive Writing.  We have been working on letter identification, letter sounds, word building, directionality, and word by word matching.  I JUST received another iPad from Donor’s Choose (Thank you!) so some of our word work is able to be done on the iPad since both boys have one to use.  You can see them above working on beginning sounds.  It’s just a nice way to differentiate what we are doing.

We started out with a group poem that helped us work on fluency, directionality, and word by word matching.  Kacie Rogan, one of our 2nd grade teachers, came in to observe us on day 1 since she will also be doing Interactive Writing with some of her groups in her classroom so it was nice to have another teacher in to watch.

After we worked on our poem we wrote a group message and worked on building up some more known words such as has, red, go, we, will, or.  We are wanting to see some rapid acceleration in letter ID and known writing vocabulary.IMG_5176

Once we created our group message we then extended our message by writing individual messages.  Once the kiddos were finished with their individual message then I was able to conference with each child and check the sounds they correctly produced in their words.  We are working hard on stretching the word out and writing all the sounds we hear.  Keep checking back on us and see how we work to be the best readers possible.

IMG_9116Well hello there 2014 and all my fabulous readers!  It’s been over a month since I last posted and I apologize.  With my student teacher here I wasn’t very good about posting since she was doing most of the work with the kiddos.

4th and 5th graders had been reading new novels on the Kindles, but after doing their DRA reading tests before break almost all of them were on grade level so are being ready to exit Title 1 services (YAY!!)  Yesterday and today we worked on reading poetry to practice fluency as this is something all of them continue to need practice with.  I taught a mini lesson on fluency and then we put it right into practice.  We used the poems from Jeff Foxworthy’s book Dirt on My Shirt.

After we finished reading through the book of poetry we wrote silly poems and then shared them with each other.  My 5th graders created an acrostic poem along with me using “5th grade” as their title.  Enjoy below:

5-5 classmates ran across the room

T-to get the monkey with the spoon

H-having deep fried monkey meat in the afternoon

G-girls were grossed out by what they had to eat

R-realizing it all smelled like monkey feet

A-accepting that this wasn’t a treat

D-deciding to go sit back in their own seat

E-eventually accepting the inevitable defeat

IMG_91185th graders then wrote their own poems and I unfortunately didn’t save them/take photos of the finished poems and I let them take them home with them.

I only had two out of my four 4th graders here this week, but they had a lot of fun reading poems and each wanted to read all of the poems.  We brain stormed rhyming words to help them make their acrostic poem rhyme.

Here is Kendal’s completed poem titled 4th grade:

4-4 silly monkeys going in the street

G-getting out of the ridiculous heat.

R-running back to Dairy Queen to get a treat

A-away they go to get their seat

D-down the road they go to meet

E-eating their delicious Dairy Queen treats

Brian wasn’t completely finished with his poem titled Gorilla, but he had a great start:

G-gorillas are climbing in a tree

O-on the branch to drink their tea

R-realizing they had only 2 feet

The kids were able to take their poems home to finish or to help inspire them to create new poems.  I’m excited to see what they come back with.

IMG_5611My 2nd graders have been working on personal narratives in each of their classrooms.  I decided to switch up our writing about reading response and have them write a poem for me.  My 2nd graders struggled with the fact poems don’t have to be in complete sentences.  “But, Ms. Acuff, this is not a sentence!”  We had to change our thinking for this activity.

We read a book about a special moment in a girl’s life when she got to take her sister’s old jacket and make it into a new, bedazzled jacket.  The story wasn’t exactly a personal narrative, but we talked about how it could have been made into a personal narrative since it was a special moment for her.  From there I had the students talk in group about special moments for them in their life.  I got to hear IMG_5629about lots of fun trips, pet, family time, and birthdays.  They needed to include what happened, when did it happen, how did it make you feel, what did you do, and how did it end.

The students wrote about this special moment in their journal, including lots of details.  We conferenced over the writing and put it into a poem format.  It was fun to see them decide how they would phrase their poems.

IMG_5634You’ll see in the top picture that we were taken over by paper.  They had to rip up strips of paper Next time I will know that very little paper is needed for this.  Next time I would just have the kids pick between 2 colors.  It was just overwhelming.

IMG_5633Students then were asked to put their writing onto their paper.  The goal was to try and have the words in the poem have motion to them to capture the reader’s attention.  This was easier for some students than others.  It was a little difficult to get their sentences to fit all on one line of text.  We had a lot of fun reading the poems and sharing them with each other.

Antavious says he reads my blog, so if you’re reading this, Antavious, hello to you! 🙂  Keep up the good work in group!

My 1st graders continue to have a lot of fun with the Interactive Writing.  We are working on poems out of a nursery rhyme book, which is nice because most of the poems are semi-familiar to all of the kids.  They are able to pick up on the words in the poem quicker than other poems.  This makes it nice for them to practice 1:1, directionality, and fluency.

And I don’t quite know why, but they sure love writing about putting food on the characters or visiting fast food restaurants.  But you know what?  I’ll take it.  I’m seeing smiles on their faces as they are developing a love for reading and developing a love for writing.  What more could a reading teacher ask for?

My 1st graders are hard at work again with the Interactive Writing intervention.  They have been having fun reading poems over and over to practice fluency and directionality, but their very favorite part is when they get to write a story as a group about the poem we have read.

Most recently we read Hey Diddle Diddle and they struggled a bit with what is a diddle?

I asked them what they thought either the cat, the dish and the spoon, or the cow did at the end of the story.  I thought it was fabulous how group 1 (picture on the left) incorporated our previous poem Humpty Dumpty.  You can see we are still working on letter formation and when it is appropriate to use a capital.  In group 2 (picture on right) you can see we still have some letter reversals we are working on, but I love how the students are excited to generate a group message, they are so eager to add word to the story, and are really understanding how words are put into a message.