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Welcome Ms. Young

Ms. Acuff’s Title 1 Classroom is getting a student teacher for the next 8 weeks and we are REALLY EXCITED!  Please help me welcome Leslee Young from the University of Northern Iowa.  Leslee comes to us with a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education and a Literacy Minor. img_0385

Meet Ms. Wilson

IMG_8674Hello, everyone!  I didn’t forget about you!  It’s just been a very busy last couple of months–and unfortunately, a lot of it has been testing.  We just got back in the swing of things about 3 weeks ago and 2 weeks ago I got a new student teacher.

Please meet Ms. Elizabeth Wilson, a Elementary Education major from the University of Northern Iowa and a Cedar Falls native.

She started with us last Monday, the 11th and will be working with the kiddos through March 3rd!

She’s been getting her feet wet with a wide range of activities and teaching lots of lessons.  The kids love her and it’s been fun to watch her grow in her teaching already.  She comes with a lot of enthusiasm for teaching and kids.

Meet Amanda Penn

IMG_8549I would like to be the first person to formally welcome Miss Amanda Penn into my classroom.  Amanda is student teaching with me for the next 8 weeks.

Miss Penn is coming from the University of Northern Iowa (Go Panthers!) with Elementary Education and Writing majors and minors in Reading, English, Language Arts.  Amanda comes to us at Lowell highly recommended and with significant reading experience to positively impact the learning of our kiddos.  Amanda is a product of the Waterloo school system, graduating from Waterloo West, so she is knowledgeable in how things work in Waterloo and our curriculum.

Amanda will be working with my 4 groups and then will also be working with kids in Kindergarten and 1st grade while I continue to work with my Reading Recovery students.

We’re excited to have her with us.  She’s already been a big help especially with my large 2nd grade group.  It’s nice to have additional hands to help our early readers.


Retelling Rope

IMG_6067One of the things I love about having a student teacher is I get to see some of the new strategies being taught in college.  Mr. Brace had the 1st grade group complete a retelling strategy called the Retelling Rope.  They had to make their way through the rope by taking off different questions and retell and answer the questions for the story.  This was a fun, new, and interactive way to get the 1st graders thinking about the story and a great way for Mr. Brace to check story comprehension.  It’s nice for the kids to be able to get different instruction from another teacher to help accelerate them in their reading!

Mr. Brace Taking Over

IMG_0130Mr. Brace started teaching my 2nd and 3rd grade groups today.

It was an exciting time to see how the 2nd and 3rd graders are such Lowell STARS as they completely embraced Mr. Brace and continued to work hard.

Mr. Brace is continuing to use the CIM (Comprehensive Intervention Model) Guided Reading Plus (GRP) format that I have been using this year by using word work, fluent writing, phonemic awareness, new books, group discussion, running records, and writing in response to reading.

Today was a neat experience to watch the kids hard at work from a different perspective.  It’s interesting how you pick up new things the kids are able to do when you aren’t teaching.  I’m super proud of Mr. Brace and the kids for embracing new experiences!

Next week Mr. Brace will start teaching my 1st grade and Kindergarten groups.  After that he will continue to pick up additional groups.

Go Lowell!

IMG_0127Yesterday marked the first day of my student teacher, Tad Brace, starting with me.  Tad is an Education Major at UNI and will be working with my groups and me.

Mr. Brace will be working with us until March 7th and will then be moving on to teach middle school Social Studies.  I, along with the kids in my group, are really excited about having him with us the next 8 weeks–especially the kids as they don’t usually get a guy teacher.

Tad will one by one be taking over my groups with my support and supervision, but I will continue to teach my Reading Recovery students and pick up some other students to work with.

Be on the look out for lots of really great things happening with our groups at Lowell.